Robert Genetski's experience in the world of economics and finance involves a unique combination of business and academic expertise. He has headed asset management, and investment and economic research departments for several financial institutions. He has also taught economics at several colleges including NYU and the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business.

He is renowned for using humor and anecdotes to make complex economic principles easily understandable. For four consecutive years he has been recognized as one of the top-five speakers in the fields of Economics and Finance. He has made numerous appearances on Fox News and CNN.

After receiving his Ph.D in economics from New York University, Genetski worked in the financial industry and subsequently founded of his own economic and financial consulting service. He has served on the board of directors for a number of public companies and provides insights on his website:

In his free time, he has also managed to author books, notably A Nation of Millionaires, Taking the Voodoo out of Economics, and Winning with Money. Having made a name for himself in Who’s Who in Finance and Industry and Who's Who in America he has also written a regular column for Japan’s leading financial newspaper.

Dr. Genetski has been a longtime advocate of classical economic principles. He has used his knowledge of these principles to create highly accurate economic and financial forecasts, from correctly predicting stagnation in 1977, economic revival in the 1980s and 1990s, to historically low interest rates during the past decade. In early 2008, six months before the financial collapse, he joined President Reagan’s chief economic advisor in warning that it was too late to avoid a recession since “The Fed has inadvertently adopted an overly restrictive policy that has hastened the spread of bankruptcies and financial failure.”

Dr. Genetski's latest book, Classical Economic Principles & the Wealth of Nations is used in colleges and high schools across the country. It has received rave reviews for its clear, concise explanation of the policies necessary to promote wealth and prosperity.

Unsolicited Testimonials

 �Our Wealth Management's "Exceptional Exchange of Financial Insights" was a marvelous success in large part because of your presentation.  It was full of your charisma, optimism and most importantly, expert analysis and explanation of classic economic principles.  Every one of our guests was delighted with your remarks, as were we. According to our evaluation forms, everyone found your insights stimulating, timely and informative.  Everything ranked at the highest marks.  I expect you get this input regularly, but still felt compelled to share it with you.�-- � Sharon R. D'Alessandro, The Private Bank and Trust Company

Everyone I talked with spoke highly of the value of what you had to say, and encouraged the Program Advisory Committee to work harder to find more speakers with equally important information for our members.� � Rand Baldwin, Aluminum Extruders Council

I want to say thank you for the talk to the AVDA group the first of last week.  I would like you to know I had great reviews on your talk.  The subject of the talk was just right for that group.� � Bill Stovell, American Veterinary Distributors Association

 �Your participation was one of the crowning points of the morning.  Over and over again people have been asking, �How can we top this year�s Annual Meeting?�  You have laid quite a challenge for us to come up with just half as good a speaker for next year as you were�.� � Marlene Tegmeyer, Elmhurst Economic Development Council